Thank YOU!

Depending on where you are in the world, today or yesterday, I am now 60 years old. This week we celebrated (my dear wife and I) our 27th baptism anniversary on Liberation Day here on Guam which is July 21st (yes, we thought it was appropriate and an interesting way to start our walk), our 37th wedding anniversary on the 24th, and my 60th birthday on Saturday July 28th.

To the many many people all over the world on several platforms I want to thank you all for the blessings I got on my birthday. That includes the outing and gifts from my family and wishes from the church I attend.

This song is what was going through my mind this morning when I woke up to all these greetings:

I am blessed
I am blessed
Every day that I live
I am blessed
When I wake up in the morning
’til I lay my head to rest
I am blessed
I am blessed

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