Daily Service: God is God (and I am not)

Day 66

God is God

 And I am not.  Above all else, God is greater than any god thing I can think up, or create, or serve.  I had this song “Who?” from the Newsboys running in my head before church yesterday, then I hit this Psalm in my devotions.

There is a HE>i sticker on my car and my wife’s car.  You need to have the humility to recognize and proclaim that God is God and I am not.


How you gonna reckon with a God like this?

When you gonna face what you can’t dismiss?

Whatcha gonna say to the… Soul Kiss that is my God?

Fearsome like the sag in a fat man’s chair?

Sweeter than a patch of Rogaine hair?

How do you define what you can’t compare?

This is… My God

And there’s no use explaining what can’t be contained



I’m not following a God I can lead around

I Can’t tame this deity

That’s why Jesus is the final answer to

Who I want my God to be!

He’s Who (I want my God to be…)

Read more: Newsboys – Who? Lyrics | MetroLyrics

 Psalm 135:15-18 (NKJV) 
The idols of the nations are silver and gold, The work of men’s hands.
They have mouths, but they do not speak; Eyes they have, but they do not see;

What god is taking the place of our great God in your life? Is it money, possessions, relationships, problems, addiction, worry.  I understand, me too sometimes.  I am drawn back to the Great God that David spoke of so eloquently in many Psalms.


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