Rapture Review – Who’s Going? – Who’s Left Behind?

Look up, your salvation is nigh


The Timing of the Rapture and the Second Coming. Vimeo comment: In this program, Dr. John Ankerberg and his guests, Dr. Renald Showers and Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, discuss the differences between the times when the Rapture and Second Coming will occur. We hope you’ll be encouraged by this program to live each day with a life devoted to the Lord and committed to sharing Him with others.

This teaching is serious! Parents! You must ensure that you and your children will be caught up in the rapture, and will not be left behind to endure the oppression of the anti-Christ, or the judgments of God.

If you, or your children, see nothing wrong with the killing of unborn babies, “you do not have” been born again,” having the Spirit of God dwelling within your spirit, prompting you to righteous living.

If you, or your children, see nothing wrong with homosexuality…

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