Why do you need a church? Why does a church need you?

     I had two conversations recently with two very different individuals. The first told me, in no uncertain terms, that they don’t need a church fellowship to be strong, that they are okay on their own.  All my word pictures about fire and coals and three-fold cords did absolutely nothing. We were at a impasse until I thought of what was missing.

I got this from a church billboard downtown It says “Somethings missing here: CH__CH…answer UR. A CHURCH is a fellowship of believers that are there to worship together, fellowship together, and build each other up. Maybe there is a church near you that really needs your zeal for worship, for prayer, for outreach.  Maybe you need the church to keep you on the right track.  So by now you are probably asking about the second conversation.  My answer was the same for both.  The second one really needed to be in a body of believers to keep her built up and living for God.  The first one was the zeal one. 

But at its base let me ask all of us a few questions. If we are supposed to be Christians which means followers of Christ, wouldn’t we want to be more like Jesus and less like the selfish, bitter, backbiting world around us? Or more plainly, do you ever see Jesus not helping, not reaching out, not rejoicing?

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