Tis the Season

Okay, one more tonight and I will check up in the morning.

Many fundamentalist Christians do not hold with celebrating pagan holidays such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.  Now Halloween I will agree with fundamentally because I do not see any advantage celebrating death as a holiday.

Now Easter and Christmas are Christian based celebrations which were commingled with pagan festivals in the days of Emperor Constantine of Rome who decided the way to quell the masses was to adopt Christianity but celebrate on Pagan holidays to make it all palatable to the most people.  What Christmas and Easter have become are commercialized events to get us to spend more money.

On the other hand, when are the most non Christians or non practicing Christians most receptive and indeed vulnerable to the gospel message?  I can openly celebrate the birth and death of Christ in most places, even where Christianity is in the minority and sometimes outright banned.

So I say Tis the Season to reach out to the lost and destitute, give them a Christian hand up! And sing some really good Gospel songs like Joy to the World, It came upon a midnight clear, and Joyful, Joyful Lord we adore Thee.

You think about it. Amen

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