Okay I got a request from our Canadian Trauma Nurse who is stuck in the snow for six months at a time. He asked that I post more pictures from my island (Military population is actually less than 10 percent of the total population by the way).

So here are a few pictures for your with minor descriptions

The featured image above is a view shot of Pago Bay from the back of a client’s house (Yes, that was the money shot)

These three are from a recent inspection.  If you look carefully, all three have tropical plants mixed with cactus that you normally find in a desert.  Guam favors succulents of all varieties because the humidity is so high that you never have to water them.


My front yard viewed from my office.  The fountain needs some work.  The cross on the window ledge is carved from Ifil wood which is incredibly dense and heavy, it is also now a protected species because military construction here after World War II (1945-1950) decimated entire forests of Ifil and they take a very long time to grow back.

So this is my plug for conservation and learning to live with and protect our environment.

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