How can I reach You?

Okay I’m looking for either input or validation. Most of my posts are God oriented and Bible based. How can I be more relevant without compromising my mission?

Or should I ask, what would tickle your ears (having itching ears the heap unto themselves false teachers and false doctrines).

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2 Comments on “How can I reach You?

  1. Hi, Bruce. I wanted to say this about relevance: The truth is always relevant. People may not like it. Sometimes it makes them want to crucify it. They look in that mirror and are disgusted by what they see–never dreaming what it shows them is–themselves. When we speak the truth (as Yahshua did in direct confrontation to the most “relevant” force of the day, the enemy) it holds its own, slices and dices, it reaches into lives or it makes people harden their hearts against it. This is the living quality it has. We have this amazing book of Truth that was written to be just as relevant now as it was 5,000 years ago. You’re an author: Can you imagine how to create a book that people thousands of years later would find interesting to read? I’m an editor and I can’t even envision that. It’s genius. It really is. Self-check that anything you put down is from love and you’re on the right track.


    • That Book is God driven and God Breathed. That is why it is so popular. The Bible has always outsold all the classics, all the religious books ever written by just men.


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