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131 Christians everyone should Know


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131 Christians Everyone Should Know


History isn’t just dates, statistics, and grand social movements. It’s people. Fascinating people.


If you think history is boring, take about three minutes to scan through 131 Christians Everyone Should Know. Zero in on an article and you may find that you cannot read just one.

These sketches have been put together by the editors of Christian History Magazine, who have an impressive track record for making history come alive every month for their readers.

Note the diversity and different callings:

·     Theologians—Athanasius and Jonathan Edwards

·     Evangelists and Apologists—Justin Martyr and Billy Graham

·     Pastors and Preachers—John Chrysostom and Richard Baxter

·     Musicians—Johann Sebastian Bach and George Fredric Handel

·     Artist and Writers—Rembrandt and C.S. Lewis

·     Poets—Dante and Fanny Crosby

·     Denominational Founders—Richard Allen and Aimee Semple McPherson

·     Movers and Shakers—Dominic and John Wycliffe

·     Missionaries—Patrick and David Livingstone

·     Inner Travelers—Brother Lawrence and Oswald Chambers

·     Activists—Sojourner Truth and Lord Shaftesbury

·     Rulers—Charlemagne and Henry VIII

·     Scholars and Scientists—Eusebius of Caesarea and Nicolas Copernicus

·     Martyrs—Perpetua and Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Each personality sketch includes a timeline that gives the historical context in which that person lived. This book also contains a topical index that will help you find illustrations for teaching and preaching.

You can find the free book here.

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