Thank You

My thanks go out to all the prayer warriors that keep an eye on the Pacific.  If you happen to Google any of us, you will find the ocean is actually quite dotted with many islands and nations in the vast area known as Oceania.  The last time we had a near miss our neighbors to the North in the CNMI were not so fortunate. Large portions of Saipan are still without power from the last storm. So when I pray for a miss, I am actually praying it dissipates without causing any damage.  We have many friends and churches in the FSM to the south of us also, and friends and missions in the Philippines that get it pretty bad too.

I’m looking for a map I can post for the prayer warriors here.


This one shows most of it but Guam and CNMI are just north of the Marshalls and FSM.

Thank you all again

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