What you say does matter.  Conversely and equally important is this: what you don’t say matters too.  Do you stand up for people that are oppressed? Do you reach out to a needy person with help or encouragement? Do you oppose non Christian teaching in your community?

I want all of us to make a difference in the world God put us in. Work where you are planted.

Read 1 Cornthians 7:20-24

In the middle of a chapter that deals primarily with issues relating to marriage and singleness, Paul makes an important statement about call­ing and work. Other things being equal, believers should remain in the life situation in which they found themselves when they were converted (1 Corinthians 7:20). The specific question that Paul is dealing with does not directly impinge upon most people in the Western world, though it is critical in many parts of the globe today. What should believers who are slaves do if they have the chance to gain freedom?

Theology of Work project


Be the candle in the dark, be the City on a Hill.  Right now, pray about who God would have you reach out to.  It might be someone you already know and they just need to hear the right word from you.

light a candle

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