Thanks for a fresh Apostolic perspective on missions. Read on my friends

Jesus came to seek and save the lost and that is what my purpose is whether at home or on the field.

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Lady Lavender

Growing up I knew I wanted to do two things: travel and help people.

I have always loved learning about other cultures. Their intricacies and ideologies. The history of other countries is what shapes everything in one single person. Traveling is the best way to experience this first hand. There is nothing like walking the streets of a place foreign to you, guided by someone that calls that place home. Just as I have favorite spots for eating, sightseeing, shopping, reading, and exploring in my own city, any native to another country will have the same thing.

This has always been one of the coolest things for me to experience in my travels through missions. To go to another country and see people living there, just as I do at “home”, is indescribable. Not because I am naive and believe only people from the United States live a full life…

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