How the Gospel will take over Times Square this weekend


David Beidel : Jun 27, 2019

“We are bringing our fishes and our loaves, but only Jesus can feed the multitudes. We are pouring out our alabaster jar. We pray that the fragrance will fill our city and the earth. As I mull over the way to approach evangelism this Saturday, I am completely aware that only God can do this. May rushing winds fill Times Square and holy manna fall like rain.” -Pastor David Beidel

(New York, NY) — [] This month, “Saturate New York” has completed for the third year in a row, a five-week initiative involving hundreds of New York City churches working together in all five boroughs, called Jesus Week XL. (Image by Luca Bravo-Unsplash/via Charisma News)

They have distributed millions of Gospel books, DVDs and other tools. At least 2 million New Yorkers have been personally contacted about Christ during these four weeks.

Now, on Saturday, June 29, Jesus Week XL climaxes with a major united Gospel rally in the middle of Times Square.

It takes place with the blessing and support of the mayor’s Office, NYPD, NYFD and many other civic and government groups. This is a complete miracle!

Here’s the kicker: Though unintended, the rally takes place in the thick of the largest gathering of the LGBTQ community in history: World Gay Pride Week.

This means hundreds of thousands of visitors (let alone tourists) from all over the world will be congregating in Times Square in New York that very night, like Acts 2. Like another Pentecost!

The crowds will witness a four-hour Gospel outreach rally, uniting churches across the city with music, drama, videos on jumbotrons and special speakers. It’s simply amazing!

Not only that, but Jesus Week USA is ready to go national, to replicate what we’ve done in New York City in other major cities. We are doing this in collaboration with other major national ministries focused on saturating the nation with Christ in 2020.

But this Saturday may be the most strategic gathering of all. Pray for a mighty work of the Holy Spirit.

Charisma spoke with Pastor David Beidel, president of Saturate NY, to hear about the heart of what they do. [NOTE: This interview has been edited for grammar and clarity.]

Charisma: What is Saturate New York?

Read the whole article here

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