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I was not a total total newbie to the Bible, but not even close to knowing it. My opening of the Bible was pretty much that. I remember opening and reading some of the King James verses and realizing I understood almost nothing, but what I did understand hit me as the truth, and this is when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade.

Went to church a few times with a friend in High School and college. Received a Bible for my 20th birthday from my roommate, but don’t remember reading it much. So, had a familiarity with it, but I knew about it, like most people I believe today, we know about it, but don’t know it.

Regardless, let’s say you want to feel significantly less ignorant than you are now. There are a few ways to get there, and one of them of course is to read the Bible itself. The challenge I had is not in the reading of the Bible, but understanding the context of the characters, the story, and the meaning of them. There is so much more to the Bible than simply the words; how was I going to extract all of that by going to church one or two times a week? Oh, I could listen to sermons 24/7, but that did not seem realistic either, how?

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