My top 10 dream libraries around the world via Ups and Downs of Family History V2.0 and

Reblogged from a reblog so I had to go find the original and MAN! it was worth it. Check out these libraries. #10 got my attention right away.

Hello bookish people! How are you? Can you feel summer’s coming??! I sure do! June was a busy month with work and since there were not a lot of days off like there were in May…it was back to that little routine. But damn I love it when the sun is shining, when the flowers are in full bloom, when the sky is clear blue.

I’m back today on the blog with a topic I wanted to talk about for a pretty long time : my top 10 dream libraries around the world. Yeah…it turns out you can judge a book by its cover or at least the library where it sits. Of course there are SO many gorgeous librairies across the globe, big ones, small ones, famous ones you can see everywhere on instagram and underrated ones we don’t even know about. So in my top 10 list, I probably missed a lot of them but well…here are some of the prettiest ones I found.

All pictures are from talented photographers on unless stated otherwise.

 10. Beitou Public Library / Taipei, Taiwan

It’s Taiwan’s first green library! Its thoughtful design saves energy as the large amount of windows allow natural light to substitute interior lighting, and ventilation reduces the need for air-conditioning. The woods that used to build the library are woods from managed forests. The roof of this building is partially covered by photovoltaic cells to converts sunlight into electricity. Beitou Library also conserves water by capturing rainfall and stored to use for the library’s toilets. All those eco-friendly features and that unique architecture totally make it to my top 10!

here’s the link for the whole thing…I am in heaven

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