Dumping Fear 4 Faith — Breaking bad habits

Dumping Fear 4 Faith


Just about anyone has been afraid at one time in their life. Do not be afraid fear is a negative word, and sometimes, may be the number one trigger in someone’s life. The opposite of fear is faith, and faith is something that’s become a very unpopular word. Fear motivates people in the wrong way, and causes them to bury themselves deeper. When someone commits a crime, fear may motivate them to commit more crimes. So if fear can motivate someone does this mean it’s an entity. I believe it is a spirit, because It is mentioned in the Bible as a spirit.

Continuing Reading: https://breakingbadhabits.help/2019/07/15/dumping-fear-4-faith/

#Prayer focus: Develop good habits, replace fear with faith

#Praise the Lord

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