Prayer chain update

Thanks for everybody that’s been praying. My wife’s colonoscopy went well. Doctor says checkup in 5 years.

Prayers please for another older lady in our congregation. She has kidney stones and high blood pressure.

Updates from anybody? More prayer requests? Praise reports?

It is time for the men in our families to step up and be the Christian man God wants you to be. He just needs a few good men.

#Prayer Focus – Healing and restoration

#Outreach: Men step up!

#Praise the Lord

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6 Comments on “Prayer chain update

  1. Hi. I need prayers for my husband to become the man God wants him to be. He is already getting a little better. Marriage with little of God is a dead one. Thank you. If you need prayers contact me as well. I will pray for the older lady in your Church now as well.

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