The Pastor in Prayer: Being a Choice Selection of C.H. Spurgeon’s Sunday Morning Prayers.

Chapter 18
‘Your Adversary’

‘Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell
in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and
of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you,
having great wrath, because he knoweth
that he hath but a short time’
(Rev. 12:12).

Great God, we bless Thee that the battle between Thyself and the powers of darkness has never been uncertain. We praise Thy name that now it is for ever sure to end in victory. Our hearts this morning, amidst the struggles of the present day, would look back to the conflicts of Calvary, and see how our Lord for ever there broke the dragon’s head. Oh, that Thy people this morning might know that they are contending with a vanquished enemy, that they go forth to fight against one who, with all his subtlety and all his strength, has already been overthrown by Him who is our Covenant Head, our Leader, our Husband, our all.

Grant to Thy dear children who are by any means depressed because they feel the serpent at their heel, that they may bless the dear name of Him whose heel was bruised before, but who in the very bruising broke the serpent’s head. Our souls with songs of inward joy extol the mighty Conqueror. All honour and glory be unto Him who stood foot to foot with the Arch-Enemy, but who was never wounded by him: the prince of this world came, but there was nothing in Thee, O Jesus, no tendency to sin, no turning aside; but Thou didst win from the first, even to the last, a glorious victory over this dread adversary of mankind.

We see Thee now arrayed in Thy vesture dipped with blood, victorious over all Thy foes. Our spirit triumphs in the anticipation of the time when all thine enemies shall be destroyed, and death and hell shall be cast into the lake of fire, and God shall be all in all.

Oh, that the time were come, set for Thine advent, when the hidden shall be revealed, and the church of God shall no longer need her wings with which to fly, but shall come forth in all the glory with which Thy love arrays her, clothed with the sun and with the moon beneath her feet. Glory, and honour, and majesty, and power, and dominion, and might, be unto Him that sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb for ever and ever!

And now, we present ourselves before the throne of the great King to pay our reverence and homage there; for the Lord is God alone, and our heart doth worship Him intensely, reverently bowing unto the very dust before the Lord, for we are less than nothing, and Jehovah is all in all.

We would confess our many sins, with great self abhorrence and detestation of them. The Lord be pleased to forgive his servants in this thing, and let us each this morning feel the application of the precious ‘blood which speaketh better things than that of Abel’. May every child of God know now that he is clean through the washing of the blood. Oh, that we might be certain that no guilt is recorded against us now, for it is blotted out for ever and the record is destroyed. Being justified by faith may we have peace, deep, lasting peace with God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

And, Lord, wilt Thou be pleased to heal us of any wounds that we have received in the great conflict. Thou knowest that during the week some of us have been in the thick of the battle, and manifold temptations have gathered about us. If we have gathered aught of defilement, be pleased to put it away. If in converse with the world we have mired or dusted our feet, wash them, blessed Master, this morning, that we may be clean every whit. If our faith has suffered any damage, or our hope is not so bright as it was, or if our love to Thee be not as fervent as at one time it was, if the soul be sinking under the pressure of the fight in any degree, O Thou whose every word is music, whose every promise is balm, whose every touch is life, draw near to the weary warrior now, and refresh us that we may rise again to the conflict, and never tire until the last enemy shall be beneath our feet, as beneath our Master’s feet.

And, O Lord, if it may please Thee, look upon any of Thy servants who are more than ordinarily tried, or who by reason of bodily weakness or the stress of severe trial, may specially need consolation; put under such the everlasting arms. So let the whole host be refreshed. Let those that lie in hospital be brought out of it and made whole; and as it is said of the host when Thou didst bring it out of Egypt, ‘there was not one feeble person in all their tribes’, so may it be with us; may the weakest become as David, and David as the Angel of the Lord. Great Captain of the host, we ask this high favour of Thee on this Thy day, when Thine own are gathered together. Deny us not we beseech Thee.

And now, we ask Thee to give victory to Thy church all over the world. Oh, look, Thou Mighty One, look down upon the heathen, and see how their gods stand riveted to their thrones. Cast them down, O Christ! Thou who hast cast out the dragon, cast down these inferior powers of darkness until not an idol god shall be left.

Thou seest also how the harlot of Babylon still sits upon her Seven Hills, and the multitudes wonder after her. Oh, that Thou wouldst cast her like a mill-stone in the flood and end her power for ever. And the ‘false prophet’ too, whose power is waning, let it be utterly eclipsed; and, oh, that Christ might reign! The Lord grant it!

But sometimes we feel half staggered by the prayer, because our own dear land, and other lands where Christ is preached, are still so dark. Lord, look on countries where the gospel is proclaimed, and yet men live in sin, and the policy of many a state is unchristian, if not anti-christian. Oh, look Thou on the nations; gather out the remnant of the woman’s seed, even from among them, and let the light of Thy chosen shine forth, that it may be seen that Thy saints are not only lights to themselves but lights of the world, lights of the nations wherein they dwell.

Lord, remember our great city: Oh, be not wroth very sore with it. Behold this day the gospel is preached, but the many turn their backs upon it. They might hear it, and they will not, and many that do hear it, reject it. The Lord raise up many voices yet that will be heard, that must be heard; and open men’s ears; compel them to hear; yea, compel them to come into Thy marriage banquet, that Thy Son may have guests at His great feast of mercy.

The Lord bless us this day. Help us to be voices for God. Make this church to be full of such voices. May there be no silent member among us concerning the things of Christ; but may each one overcome through the blood of the Lamb and the word of His testimony.

O God, wilt Thou bless the various agencies carried on by us, that we may, as a church, help and do our part in the evangelization of the world. We remember the many men who have been trained at our side, and are preaching today: the Lord speak through them. We remember the many brethren and sisters that will spend the great part of this day in endeavouring to bring others to Christ: the Lord prosper them all. Oh, make us to be more and more a living church, a church in which God shall show forth the glory of His power. Oh, how we long for this! May all ministries among us be living ministries, Holy Ghost ministries, and so may it be in all the churches, that every golden candlestick may have a candle well lit; and may it come to pass that from the olive trees there shall pass into the golden pipes always sufficient of the sacred oil to keep the lights well burning to the glory of our God.

We cast ourselves upon Thee, and ask Thee to make us all useful today in our families, in our classes, in the church, in the world: and when Thou shalt have used us here, permit us the great joy of serving Thee day and night in Thy temple above.

One more prayer: it is, Convert those who sit with us from Sunday to Sunday and are unconverted. Lord have mercy upon some that once were professors of religion, but continue to come in and out among us without repentance, without turning back to Him whom once they professed to know. Lord have mercy upon others that are hearers, but hearers only, attentive hearers too, but not doers of the Word. Oh, save them speedily, bring them to Jesus at once. We ask it for His dear Name’s sake. Amen.

SERMON: No. 1502 (2 November 1879).

The Pastor in Prayer: Being a Choice Selection of C.H. Spurgeon’s Sunday Morning Prayers.

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