Road Rant

OK I’ve got a Word for my fellow Christians.


The first one is keep in mind that people who are not church or don’t know the Bible don’t have the same rules that you do. What I’m trying to get at is a conversation I just had with my wife’s best friend again and she was talking about how she was raised by her grandfather wish to have good morals but no specific religious upbringing and I told her basically the generation that she and I came from were raised with the idea that we should honor God and family. We failed as a generation group to communicate the Judeo-Christian values and our society is worse for it.

The second one is kind of like it. Don’t argue points of doctrine in a public forum. Non Christians get confused and put off when you do that. (they will know we are Christians by our love)

Last, tell some one about God’s love. Don’t judge them according to your Bible. It isn’t theirs yet and it won’t be if they don’t see God’s love in you.

#Outreach: Try a little Kindness

#Praise the Lord

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