The life of your Barista: Part I – Espresso Stain


Do you ever wonder what your barista does other than make your coffee? The answer is, they probably don’t.

Here is Part One of a series I am calling “The Life of Your Barista”

Part I

I wake up at 5:30 AM either by alarm or the sound of my cats screaming for breakfast. I quickly find an outfit that matches our shop’s overall aesthetic and dress code. Think earth tones, neutral tones, or jewel tones. Don’t forget closed-toe shoes. Always dress a step up when in doubt. I walk or bike to work, so I take the forecast into consideration. I try to look like someone you want to see first thing in the morning, while also someone you trust to make your Cortado. I put on a thick layer of Naked deodorant and I pull my hair back in a low ponytail, and most importantly, I complete my outfit with my round, oversized metal rimmed glasses.

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