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The Temple


I am not a Bible scholar, but I have studied the Scriptures about the building of the temple in Jerusalem by Solomon. I just read in my devotions today that David desired to build a temple, but God sent the prophet Nathan to tell David that he should not do so but that his son would. I looked up the facts online and found out that it took seven years to build the temple. For many years, the Israelites had wandered in the wilderness and had a tabernacle, a structure like a tent, that they used to offer sacrifices and worship God. Then, the great temple was built, with cedars from Lebanon, bronze and gold. So many riches were brought and presented to Solomon that he had all kinds of resources to make a wonderful temple. And so it was, until its destruction by the Babylonian Empire in the 500’s B.C. The Babylonians didn’t just destroy the temple, but they also sacked it, taking with them all that was of value inside it. What a travesty! But we must remember that God allowed this to happen because of the sins of the Israelites. Now, I have said all of this to say that today there is a temple for God. We are His temple!

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