Daily Service – God is always there

I watched a trailer for Overcomer this morning while I prepared the post you saw earlier today. I had the YouTube channel in the background while I continued finishing the post. While I was doing that another short video started. It is called “Abandoned. A messenger short film”. It was about a girl who lost her mother but was close to her father and they both loved running. Her dream was to run in marathons all over the world. As she grew up she started to lose her sight due to a cancer in her eyes.

Long story short, because she could see she felt isolated and abandoned. It appears that her father didn’t help her because he wanted her to learn to function and excel even without her sight.

I’ll link the video when I find it again so you can interpret it for yourself, but this is the message I got.


We sometimes feel that God abandons us when we are going through difficulties. God will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5) God sometimes lets us try and even fail before He steps in because He wants you to grow in your faith.

#Praise the Lord

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