#Welcome all nations and people

#Guam – Welcomes All Visitors Enthusiastically (WAVE)

Well I can’t seem to get back to 200 but I’m still hanging above 100 so not bad overall. Here’s my stats for 26 August 2019 on Guam Christian Blog: 135 views, 91 visitors, 56 likes, 272 followers (1 new – Welcome). India continues as number one for the past week at 57 views, USA follows distant second with 29 views, Canada third with 15, European Union makes it’s first appearance at number 4 with 12 views, and Brazil finishes at fifth with 3 views.

#European Union

#Outreach – That the world may know

#Praise the Lord

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3 Comments on “#Welcome all nations and people

  1. You’re doing as good with Canadian views as I am! I’m finding things real slow this month, still good, but not like normal. Not getting as many countries show up as usual and always a race between India and US for top spot, except the last 2 days when France took top spot by a wide margin which is a first!

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      • European Union is always near the bottom of the list for me, never above 5 views. My top 5 are normally US, India, Pakistan, Italy, France and lately Canada has made it which is odd. I’m getting new readers from Canada lately but they are not following.


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