Blogger Recognition Award

Okay this is maybe my second award posting so here goes


I was nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award by Renee at Heart’s Token Blog. Thanks for the follow and the award and the reblogs of my posts Renee. I used the Award picture below but I really like the one with the pen so I make that the featured picture. So I’m new to this and I really am enjoying other peoples blogs and Steve would also be on my list. We exchange pictures because I am in the tropics and he’s pining away for a tropical retirement spot.

The Rules for this Award:
1. Thank the nominator, and publish a post on your blog about receiving the Blogger Recognition Award. Make sure to provide a link to the nominator’s blog in your post.
2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
4. Nominate 10-15 other bloggers for this award, and inform them of their nomination.


How My Blog Started…


I’ve wanted to write for years and I want to encourage people to have a closer walk, so I started on blogger (my original 3 pages are still there) and then I discovered WordPress when researching for a another blog post, so Guam Christian Blog was born, I also recently spun off a Guam views blog for island pictures and such. See the links below.


Tips for new bloggers.

  1. Write about something you are passionate about.

2. Have Fun and let it show.




I nominate the following:

#Praise the Lord

Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog

Guam views Blog

Bruce’s Facebook

Bruce’s Amazon Author page:

Bruce’s Twitter:





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