Today’s Theme Song: King of the Comebacks

Artist: Audio Adrenaline album: “Kings & Queens” (2013)

“King Of The Comebacks”

You been beat down cast out kicked in the shins
Never ever, ever did they think You could win
Like an underdog story, or return of a king
It’s never really over till the fat lady sings, so c’mon

Time’s ticking down we’re on the edge of our seat
Only a mighty good leader gonna make us believe
We’ve heard all about it now we’re waiting to see
The end of the story and it isn’t defeat
So c’mon, yeah c’mon

Oh, Oh, All over the world
We wait for the miracle and it’s coming
You know it’s a matter of fact
You’re the king of the comebacks

They thought it unbelievable that You’d ever win
But I know they know You’re gonna do it again
Stand up, eyes fixed, don’t wanna miss this
Jack up the cardiac, go ahead and call it a comeback

You can’t, you can’t, you can’t stop it
You can’t, you can’t, you can’t stop the comeback
You can’t stop the comeback


#Praise the Lord

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