Good night from #Guam

I think 13 is enough for today.

Good Night

Good night from the islands

May your sleep be undisturbed as you rest in the arms of the One who made you.

Psalm 4:8 (ESV) In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

Psalm 3:5 (ESV)  I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the LORD sustained me.


#Praise the Lord

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13 Comments on “Good night from #Guam

      • I am U. S. Central Time, but I have an undiagnosed sleep disorder so I am often up until the wee hours of the morning – 3 – 7 AM my time. If I read the time zone conversion table right, you are 15 hours ahead of me.

        Visiting Guam has been something I have yet to do, but when my cousin came back from Vietnam, he had a layover in Guam. At the time, I was collecting flags and he picked one up. I lost it in a move decades later. It wasn’t your typical small flag (3″ x 5″) that was standard in the States at the time. It had a wooden piece of dark wood, topped with a rock or possibly a small piece of some soft mineral.

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      • Okay without insulting you I ca say this: when we get older sometimes sleep in random patterns.
        Second were you talking about the Guam flag? No sure what it looked like back then but you can see what I’m posting now. Would you like a Guam flag?


      • No insult taken. When I was decades younger, I was a morning person which came in handy getting ready for school. As I got older, I slowly migrated to later and later. Several of my jobs were late 1st shift or 2nd shift as I found it worked better than the 8 – 5 time that many jobs went with.

        Sorry, I wasn’t clearer, but yes I was talking about a Guam flag. I would love a Guam flag, I prefer the 3″ by 5″ or 4″ by 6″ range as the larger sizes (8″ by 12″ or bigger) are too large for me. I haven’t found many options in my searches. My flag collection has dwindled over the years, but I have a Mississippi, Netherlands, Finland, and Estonia flag. At one point, I had every state flag plus Guam, mostly in the 3″ by 5″ or 4″ by 6″ range although Ohio and Washington state sent me huge ones in the 2′ by 3″ range. The Washington was the first and only plastic flag I have ever owned. The others were probably cloth or nylon.

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