Tip War

Guam Foodies Group on Facebook forwarded the article below as food for thought

Since it was a decent payday we decided to have a family dinner out. Red Lobster has recently opened here and is getting mixed reviews.

I’m still up in the air on the tipping debate. I’ll try to attach the Facebook feed when I get back on my computer, but A New York Times columnist says a 20% tip is standard and obligatory over and above any surcharge on the bill (Service Charge or Surcharge here is 10% at most mid to upper end restaurants). The premise of the article is that tipping in America is not about the service or the food, it’s about the inequality of the pay servers receive in most areas because it is assumed they’ll make it up in tips.

I learned two things from my daughter who is a bartender in Tumon. First the surcharge is there because a large group of our tourists don’t customarily tip at all. She also says the surcharge isn’t primarily fir the servers, it’s to help the owner offset employee costs.

I have always been associated with customer service in one way or another. Yes I’ve had bad days, but if I treat my customers badly I expect negative feedback and bad tips.

I am trying to rethink the service charge versus tip idea, but I just can’t afford an expensive dinner plus 30% even if the food and service are awful (yes it does happen here).

Your thoughts please

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