Survey Says?

I don’t know about all of you and where you stand on American Politics, but I am agreeing with the President. Look at all of his rallies and tell me where the media is getting the polling data that a majority of voting Americans want the President impeached? Given the economy, job reports, trade improvements, strength back in our military, how could a reasonable person say President Trump isn’t doing a good job? How many actually think any of the stinkers on the Democratic ticket stand a snowballs chance in Hades of defeating him?

So I’m back to my question. Who do you listen to and why?

#Praise the Lord

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2 Comments on “Survey Says?

  1. The Rush Limbaugh Show is the most listened to radio talk show in America. The show is mostly host-driven and, like most other popular talk programs, focuses on the hot topics of the day, with a particular focus on politics and the economy. Limbaugh’s heavy use of sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor is often mistaken for an air of superiority by his critics, which Limbaugh often singles out on the air.

    Read More: Rush Limbaugh – LIVE STREAM |

    Fox News

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