The Clue of the Maze

How is more to be known?

All probability goes to show, upon the face of it, that the more we know of God, the more easy it will be for us to put our trust in him. The quality of goodness so preponderates in the known that we expect the like to pervade the unknown. But how is more knowledge to be obtained? Can we go from Nature up to Nature’s God? Perhaps. But it would be a far more effectual business if Nature’s God would come down to us, and be his own Expositor. No man can be altogether known by his works, much less can God. God’s universe is so immense that if it can be proved to be a full revealing of himself, it is too vast for our mental grasp. How can we know all that the universe would teach? The works of God are too many for us to know them all: how then can we learn the many-sided wisdom which they would reveal? If they were replicas we might learn all from one; but as they are infinitely various our capacity is overflooded, and there is urgent need that divine condescension should make an abstract for us, and communicate it in a manner suited to our nature.
The Clue of the Maze.

#Praise the Lord

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