The Clue of the Maze

Effects of the Book

The effect which it has produced upon the nations who have yielded it even a partial obedience is very remarkable: they are now far in advance of those who give it a secondary place, and they are out of sight before those who are unacquainted with it. The result which follows its introduction, in our own day, to the most savage races, is beyond all question exceedingly beneficial. Nobody can doubt that the South Sea Islands have been lifted out of the worst savagery by the teaching of this volume. We have not yet heard of any other book producing such effects, and thus the volume is pressed upon our attention by the undeniable results of its influence, both in former ages and in our own times. It is. very easy to discover persons whose entire character has been changed by reading this Book; easier still to find individuals who assert that it is their comfort under all circumstances, their guide out of all difficulties, and the priceless food of their spirits.

Many other books have been warmly praised by their readers; but we have never yet met with any other volume which has commanded such frequent enthusiasm, and such devoted affection, as the Bible; neither have we heard of one which answers so many and such divers purposes in connection with the lives of men.
The Clue of the Maze.

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