The Clue of the Maze

Seeing for One’s self

We are not exacting when we demand that each candid man should read the Bible for himself. In testing a Book, which professes to be the revelation of God’s mind, we shall act unworthily if we trust to others, be they who they may. Second-hand information lacks assurance and vividness; a personal investigation is far more satisfactory and beneficial. The highly superior person, who dismisses the whole matter with a final verdict, which closes the argument before it is opened, is probably not so cultured a being as he affects to be. At any rate, he lacks the judicial mind so helpful in the pursuit of truth. Doth our wisdom decide a matter before it heareth it? Nature demands attention, hard and persevering, from those who would be true scientists: the Word of God certainly deserves as reverent an investigation as his Works. Why should not the Scriptures be studied thoroughly? Even as mere literature they will well reward the scholar’s care. It is the part of a wise man calmly and earnestly to search those famous writings which are prized by so many master-minds. The voice which cried to Augustine, “Tolle: lege;” was no sound of folly. To take up and read a great and good book cannot be to our detriment.
The Clue of the Maze.

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