Today’s Theme Song: I’m Smelling Coffee

Artist: Chris Rice Album: Short Term Memories

“Smellin’ Coffee

Last thing I remember, sayin bye to yesterday
Glad to see it over, pullin covers over my head
But what were You doin while I dreamt the night away
Cause I can tell that somethins different
And my eyes aint even open yet

Im smellin coffee
Birds are singin just outside
Here come Your mercy streamin in with the morning light
My heart is racing waking up to Your smile
Its a good morning, yeah
Its a good morning

Well I remember readin
Youre the God who never sleeps
And while Ive been dreamin
Youve been singing over me, yeah
Singin about my freedom
Wakin me up to hear Your song
And now I cant dance hard enough
Cause yesterday is gone, gone, gone!


Every little breath, every heartbeat
Is a gift of love that You give to me
You keep givin when Im asleep
Cause I know You never stop watchin over me
I wake up, my past is gone
Cause Your mercys new with the morning sun
Im forgiven, Im free, its a brand new day
Cause Your faithfulness is the greatest!

#Prayer Focus: Pray for all of our Prodigals

#Praise the Lord

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