Research: How deep do you go?

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Hi, SeERs! It’s another Mae Day on Story Empire 🙂

I know research has been discussed multiple times, including some brilliant posts by my colleagues at SE, but  I hope you’ll indulge me with my take on the subject.

Digging deep into research is something all writers face. No matter your story arc or characters, sooner or later you’re bound to run into a subject that requires deeper knowledge. As an example, it’s hard to write a believable airline pilot or land developer, if you don’t know how they operate. We all know the internet is a great resource, but you can only go so far in tracking down information. Ideally, if you’re researching a profession, speaking to someone in that career is going to net the best return. Pretty much a no brainer.

What about settings? It’s hard to visit Sedona, Arizona for your romantic suspense set among red rock country, when you live in Vermont. Harder still, to hop on a plane and fly to Scotland for your time-travel, or Romania for your paranormal. Once again, talking to someone who has visited these places is a great asset—a gold mine if you can connect with someone who has lived there. Short of that, there’s nothing wrong with the internet, libraries, and bookstores.

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