The Clue of the Maze

No remarkable present Difficulty

At the present moment, we see no considerable difficulty. Scripture may not square with proposed hypotheses, but it agrees with known facts. Scripture, interpreted in an intelligent manner, displays as clear an agreement with Nature and Providence as Words can show with “Works. An article in the Illustrated London News may describe in words a scene which, on the opposite page, is depicted by the pencil of an accurate artist: the two forms of instruction may fully coincide, and yet the impression upon the reader, who fails to see the engraving, may not be the same as that produced upon an observer who only notices the sketch, and neglects the letter-press. The man who cared only for the typography might quarrel with the votary of the wood-block, while the picture-observer might equally well retort upon the reader: but if the two could be combined, the intent of the author would more surely be understood. Let him that readeth the Word consider the Work, and let him that observeth Nature attends to Revelation, and growing wisdom shall be the reward of both.
The Clue of the Maze.

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