The Clue of the Maze

Anchorage and Root-hold of Faith

When the Bible is fully accepted as God’s own revelation of himself, the mind has come to a quiet anchorage; and this is no small gain. A safe resting-place is an urgent need of the soul. To find a sure foot-hold somewhere, men have tried to rest in an infallible church, or in their own supposed infallible reason. Of two earnest brothers one became a Papist, and another an infidel. We do not feel attracted to either haven, if haven either of these can be called: we prefer for our own part to cast anchor once for all in an infallible revelation. Drifting about must be injurious to character, and fatal to influence: root-hold is essential; here then is ours.

When first the anchor goes down, or the root strikes, little can be known of the anchorage or the soil, compared with that which will be discovered by the test of experience. Thousands are quietly moored in the Fair Havens of Scripture; myriads are growing and bearing fruit in the garden of the Lord. Their witness is assuring, but our own experience will bring the most satisfactory conviction.

Down goes the anchor: the rootlets embrace the soil.
The Clue of the Maze.

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