Do you know Jesus Christ as your savior?

Call this another thought from the road. I just picked up a new follower and i just checked out his/her (not sure) page. The blog is about their ongoing strife to overcome addiction. I didn’t see God mentioned anywhere, so it thought I’d bring it up. Turn it over to Jesus! Trust me on this as one who was cured of many addictions (mostly tame ones like cigarettes and alcohol).

I know people that were instantly delivered. I was not. But I can say within 1-2 years of turning my life over to Jesus I found myself free of those addictions.

Next, addiction isn’t necessarily bad unless your addiction replaces God in your life. I am addicted to Christian Music, Bible Study, Bible Reading, Fellowship, and prayer. Those are all good addictions that can replace bad addictions. I’m not saying it takes will power, or that it is necessarily easy. I turned my life over to Jesus and asked him to make me an honorable vessel.

Are you struggling alone against an addiction that sucks the life out of you?

Turn it over to Jesus.

Message me if you want to talks about any of this.

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