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  OPERATION WASHINGTON DC!    “And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people for the thing was done suddenly” (II Chronicles 29:36).   Have you ever had your own plans and agenda, and suddenly God intercepted it and inserted something or modified it for His purpose? Such was the case on Friday, July 31, after arriving on a flight into Washington DC for a speaking engagement for the “Moving in the Miraculous” Conference at Abundant Life UPC in Woodbridge, Virginia, where Rev. James Woods is Senior Pastor. While the conference host, Evangelist Susan Smith, was driving me to the hotel from the airport, she casually asked the question, “Since we are fairly close to DC, what do you think about you and I going to the US Capitol to pray during your visit here?” Little did she know it was on WNOP’s agenda to take a core group of people to conduct prayer evangelism at our Nation’s Capital and premises in the near future.   Not knowing that the DC event would evolve and of their direct onsite participation in it, many of the host church members had already engaged in a month’s consecration of prayer and fasting! God knew that they were ready for the sudden task! Most of Abundant Life consists of military families, so they truly understood the spiritual essence of “boots on the ground” and the impact of it! Everyone joined together to bombard heaven in prayer and to stand in the gap for America!   Time and space does not permit me to tell about the entire miraculous unfolding of “Operation Washington DC,” so I will just share a few highlights. What started out with two people intending to do a quick covert prayer walk in DC, accelerated into something greater…”and the thing was done suddenly!” More than 30 people gathered at Washington DC on Sunday, August 2 for prayer evangelism, as we worked under the approval of district leadership! As led by the Spirit, suddenly there were a dozen renown leaders/ministers in the five-fold ministry across America who were praying with us offsite and who prophetically networked with us to greater impart knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the ungodly spirits we were facing and how to successfully defeat these. As we progressed in prayer, more revelation came at each site as the offsite ministers communicated with and prayed with us. It was like a puzzle being assembled. Those both onsite and offsite had specific pieces needed to make the whole picture complete and the operation successful!   Specific powers of the enemy and ungodly strongholds were broken in DC and America, and the Spirit and power of God was released to accomplish His great plan! The prayer team prayed at the US Capitol; the Senate Building; The House of Representatives; the Supreme Court; the Library of Congress; St. John’s Church and the streets where major BLM protests are held; etc. We prayed against all evil attacking and attempting to destroy America. We prayed for God’s divine intervention regarding our president and governmental officials, the upcoming election, and the political unrest; the effects of the coronavirus pandemic; the social injustices and civil unrest; and for everything that is in the best Godly interest of our nation.   God wants His people to be sensitive to His Spirit and to willingly hear and obey His voice to quickly or “suddenly” fulfill divine assignment(s) orchestrated by Him. God is speaking to some of us now to get up and go out to do certain things for His kingdom sake. Are you obeying? We are not waiting on God, rather God is waiting on us! An intercessor is like one that carries a spiritual “beeper,” meaning that he/she may be on call 24-hours a day and receive a prayer assignment anytime and anyplace. God wants us to be instant in season and out of season!    There were two major things that were evident in the Washington DC Assignment: 1.) Be ready to do a “sudden” assignment(s) given by God. These are always successful! 2.) The Body of Christ must work in unity to accomplish the greatest victory! (You alone only have part of the puzzle; your spiritual brothers and sisters have the other parts)   In II Chronicles 29:36, the people were under a divine influence, which so quickly and powerfully moved upon them to engage in the work wrought. Symbolically, God’s assignment was fulfilled in Washington DC. The pictures below speaks volumes of what transpired. When you fulfill God’s divine assignment, surely He will bring the ultimate victory!   Flo Shaw Director World Network of Prayer
WNOP Prayer Walk Washington DC
“Prayer at the Supreme Court”
SNEAK PREVIEW…   “National Day of Prayer for Religious Liberty”   The National Day of Prayer for Religious Liberty on Sunday, August 9 was a great success! Christians and those from the Jewish communities came together at City Halls, County Administration Buildings, and State Capitols across America to worship God; to pray for our nation; to contend for our religious liberties…and more. Many photos are still coming in representing various events held; so, a full story and more photos will be featured in our next Prayer Connect! For now…here is a sneak preview of photos below from events in San Diego, California (Bishop Art Hodges III); Austin, Texas (Sis. Flo Shaw/Sis. Esther Hunt); North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Rev. Jon & Tracie Feld); Hartford Connecticut (Rev. Louis & Marie Brown); Greenbay, Wisconsin (Rev. Ed and Nilah Gann); Benton, Arkansas (Rev. Burrell & Stephanie Crabtree); and New York City (UN), New York (Sis. Margaret Banks-Butler). The Lord was glorified on high in the midst of every event!    Remember to send in all photos of your participation in this dynamic event to!
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The New England Territory Summons (NETS)     The 2020 New England Territory Summons (NETS) is just around the corner. This grand event, hosted by the Massachusetts/Rhode Island District and World Network of Prayer (WNOP), will occur August 20-22, 2020 at Christ Temple UPC in Tiverton, Rhode Island, where District Superintendent Jay Stirnemann is Pastor.   WNOP will kick off The NETS at 2:00 pm on Thursday afternoon with a Prayer Evangelism and Prayer Service and will conclude at noon on Saturday. Please see the above conference ad. Additionally, the host church will be implementing pandemic guidelines for those concerned. Also, please go to for the latest news, and abide by the state Coronavirus restrictions if you are not from the New England area and are traveling from abroad.   In Mark 1:17 Jesus said, “…Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” Let’s behold the impact of the power of prayer and anticipate a “Breaking NET” Revival and Harvest (Luke 5:6)! So, meet us at…The NETS…and there, together we can pull in a great catch (Luke 5:10)!   Please join us in two days of united prayer & fasting (August 12-13). Thank you in advance for rendering prayer and fasting for two days, in whatever way the Spirit of God guides you.   PRAY:   For a great revival of kingdom prayer in our world, and for the Church to sincerely serve Jesus in word and deed, and in Spirit and in truth. Pray Spirit-led prayers. For individuals to be greater instructed on how to enhance their prayer lives and to be further equipped to make a positive difference in our world. For God to greatly anoint and use all of the conference speakers, emcees, singers, musicians, prayer participants, and everyone involved in the conference agenda. For the will of God to be wrought and that God will lead those in attendance at the conference into greater levels of prayer. Pray for both temporal and eternal matters.  For the Church to enter into a greater depth/dimension of the Spirit. Pray that God will be glorified in the highest. Pray that souls will be saved, healed, and delivered. For the success of prayer walks/drives occurring prior to the event. Pray for Tiverton and the entire New England area. Pray for God’s blessings upon the NETS. For God to perform the miraculous and that many needs will be met. Fervently pray for church restoration, renewal, revival, retention, and reaping of harvest worldwide. For attendees, in a spiritual context, at THE NETS… to “launch out into the deep, and let down their nets for a draught” (Luke 5:4)!   Flo Shaw Director World Network of Prayer
UPCI General Board
Access Challenged Nations   Join the World Network of Prayer and Global Missions in praying for the nations that currently do not have an apostolic work. We will focus on one nation each week.
Hospital Chaplains
World Needs:   Offer a prayer of praise unto Jesus for defeating the Coronavirus.  Currently, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on education systems.  More than 1 billion students have been affected by the pandemic, which could pose long-term consequences for critical issues. World cases have risen to over 19 million. India is now third after the US and Brazil to record more than 2 million cases. Cases in Africa stand at 1 million, the US has surpassed 5 million, and Brazil has more than 3 million. The US has 160,000 deaths. Pray against the exponential challenges of COVID-19 as it took 99 days for cases to reach 1 million but only 17 days to increase from 4 to 5 million. Also within the past two weeks of July over 97,000 children have tested positive.Pray for family members and victims of the catastrophic explosion in Beirut, Lebanon where more than 135 people died, many are missing, and over 5,000 were injured. The full extent of damage is not known and estimated at close to 5 billion dollars. Approximately 300,000 people cannot return to their homes and at least half the city’s population now have homes that are unlivable.Pray against domestic violence. Within the European community Turkey is the most recent that is withdrawing from the European treaty on gender-based violence. Poland previously announced leaving the treaty, and Croatia and Serbia also are debating this deal known as the Istanbul Convention, which was created in 2011 to address systemic violence against women and to define a state’s role in preventing femicide and domestic abuse.Continue to pray for America and current racial tension issues and police reform. Pray for police funding to remain in all states and for training and removal of abusive police officers. Pray for the Spirit of God, “He that letteth” to not let and thereby restore law and order in those states that are being ravaged by violent protesters.  Pray for speedy completion of the investigation and conviction of all guilty participants in the murder of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old EMT who was killed by police during a raid in her home.Pray against the salmonella outbreak that is linked to onions and is expanding across 43 states with hundreds of people being sickened.Pray for Indonesia as Mount Sinabung erupts and sends a column of ash for over 3 miles into the sky.Pray for family members of the 16 passengers who died and over 120 who were hurt on an Air India flight after it skid off the runway and split in two while landing.
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2020 WNOP Events  30 Days of Prayer (January 2-31)New York Metro District Prayer Conference, St. Albans, New York (January 17-18)WNOP Leadership Retreat, Weldon Spring, Missouri; Scott Graham (February 5-7)Ministry And Prayer (MAP) Seminar, ABI; Oakdale, Minnesota; Lee Stoneking (March 4-6)School of Prayer, Ijamsville, Maryland,; Jason Sciscoe (March 19-21) Postponed Apostolic Day of Prayer (March 27)Advanced Prayer Seminar, Del Valle, Texas; Chris & Danielle Green (April 2-4) Postponed  Northwest Regional Summons, Renton, Washington (April 30 – May 2) Postponed National Day of Prayer (May 7)National Apostolic Day of Prayer (May 8)Global Day of Prayer (May 31)Int’l Summons, Bridgeton, Missouri; David/Connie Bernard, Cortt Chavis (June 18-20)“Operation Switzerland,” (June 28 – July 7) Rescheduled “Operation Turkey,” (July 23-30) Postponed “Operation USA” – 3 Days of Prayer & Fasting for America (August 4-6)National Day of Prayer for Religious Liberty (August 9)“Operation Jamaica,” Trelawny, Jamaica (August 10-16) Postponed New England Territory Summons, Tiverton, Rhode Island (August 20-22)UPCI World Day of Prayer (September 16)South Texas District Regional Summons, Houston, Texas; J. Sciscoe (September 10-12) UPCI General Conference Prayer Seminars, St. Louis, Missouri (September 24-25)YM + WNOP Youth Summons, St. Charles, Missouri (September 26) Postponed Ontario District Regional Summons, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (November 5-7)Georgia District Regional Summons, College Park, Georgia (November 12-14)Detroit Regional Summons, Romulus, Michigan (November 19-21)England Summons, London, England – Pending (Dates TBD)   Note: More 2020 event dates may be added to the WNOP Calendar later as approved by the Board this year.
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WNOP Personal Prayer List   To join WNOP in praying for the personal needs submitted by email, phone and website, please click here.   You may submit requests by email at   “If you received an answer to prayer or have a victory report, post it on WNOP’s Facebook page. We would like to hear from you.”   
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