Wordsearch moves to LOGOS

I’m thrilled to welcome Wordsearch users into the Faithlife family!   We’re partnering with LifeWay to transition Wordsearch to Logos Bible Software, to protect your investment and to expand access to Wordsearch, LifeWay, and B&H content.   We’ve been building Logos since 1991, and we understand how important Bible study software is for people who preach, teach, and study the Bible.   We have helped users move their digital libraries and personal content from floppy disks to CD-ROMs to the cloud, and we’re committed to serving Wordsearch users just as well. Your investment in Wordsearch resources will transition to Logos Bible Software, protected and moving forward with new technology.   What happens with my software? Your existing Wordsearch desktop software will continue to work, and you may continue to access your library as you do today. (The Wordsearch software has reached the end of its technical life, though, and will not be upgraded in the future.)Beginning today, you can download your copy of Logos, free of charge. Logos works on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the web.Our developers are working on migrating all your notes, highlights, passage lists, personal books, and other user content into Logos. We expect this work to be complete by early 2021.   What happens to my books? Your Wordsearch library will be made available to you in Logos format, also free of charge. Most of your library has already been converted to Logos format. We are actively migrating user accounts to Logos as of today. When this migration is complete, your books will be ready for you to use. Since you already have a Logos account, your Wordsearch titles will show up in your Logos library automatically.While we hope to migrate 100% of each user’s library, we may find limited instances where we’re unable to transfer a title.Some titles will take us a little longer to convert to Logos. Those will be unlocked for you over the coming months. Books will no longer be available for sale on the Wordsearch website. You can make new book purchases at logos.com  Getting comfortable with Logos  Once you begin using Logos, you’ll receive invitations to webinars designed to get you comfortable as quickly as possible. You’ll find a support portal dedicated to users migrating from Wordsearch, with instructions on how to use Logos for the things you relied on Wordsearch for. You’ll find a Logos for Wordsearch Users forum where you can connect with Faithlife staff and other Logos users to have your questions answered. Our product experts are looking forward to introducing those of you new to Logos to some of the more advanced tools designed to improve your study or your ministry. We have special, limited-time upgrade pricing for Wordsearch customers interested in purchasing their first Logos base package and putting those advanced tools to use. Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to the Logos Dynamic Pricing program. It ensures our customers don’t pay for the same book twice. This means that if you’ve purchased 10 volumes from the New American Commentary Series in Wordsearch, you can purchase the 43-volume bundle in Logos discounted, so you only pay for the 33 volumes you still need.   At Faithlife our mission is to use technology to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible.   We strive to provide the very best customer service and support, and everyone at Faithlife works hard to serve you well. If for any reason you’re not happy with how we are serving you, feel free to contact me directly at bob@faithlife.com or my direct line, 360-685-2303.   It is a privilege to serve you, and I pray you’ll find Logos Bible Software to be a useful tool as you study the Word. Learn more    
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3 Comments on “Wordsearch moves to LOGOS

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  2. Appreciate the notice. I hadn’t checked my email at the time, but they sent me an email about the change. It took a bit to request a new password as it said there was a Captcha issue. I never saw one. Eventually, it let me create a new password without doing the Captcha.

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    • I had no problem with setting up the profile. I like the videos and I’m trying if it will help with blog articles also. Not sure I want to delete my Wordsearch just yet though.


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