Today’s Theme Song(Christmas theme): It’s Christmas time

Yeah that’s right, its KJ in the house, its Christmas time, we gonna break it down

[Post-Hook 1]
Its, its, its Christmas time
Its, its, its Christmas time
Its, its Christmas time,
Its, its, its, its, its Christmas time

Jingle jingle all the way, DJ let that record play, all night all day, this is what we come to say [2x]

When I was 5 at Christmas time, I just want to go play outside but it feels like its 95, it was oh so hot I’m a lose my mind.

In Florida it always shines, that’s where I lived like all my life, I used stay up all night at Christmas season to try and find.
Santa Claus when he came at night, like each and every time, I’d fall asleep when he came on by and he ate all the cookies and apple pie.

The next year, I’m gone try, to catch him before he goes and flies up so high, through the sky, that’s how I roll at Christmas time yep

[Hook] [2x]

Down hear its hot all year, let me make it plain and clear, “Aint got no reindeer, all it does is rain here”
So if you want to stay here, you better bring the rain gear, snow ain’t ever came here, all we get is hurricanes here, yeah.

But don’t hate on me, if I’m down at the beach on Christmas Eve, you looking at strange to me, I got a grape fruit put it on a Christmas tree.

Its every day to me, I got a gator that just got away from me
But we gonna raid the beach, I’m a Florida boy, you ain’t changing me, even if.

[Hook] (2x)

Now a days its a whole new reason, why I love the Christmas season, I see now its a whole new meaning, most of us ain’t ever seen it.
The only gift I’m needing, is just Jesus the reason I’m breathing. My hope is that you see Him, in the morning, in the evening.

When you shopping on the weekend, when you coppin’ gifts this season, you’re the reason He was leaving to be born in a manger, believe it!

Why so many still don’t see Him, shining bright at night just beaming, the light of Christ still leading back to Him cause we still gone need Him.

[Hook] [2x]

[Post-Hook 2]
Its, its Christmas time,
Its, its, its Christmas time,
Its, its, its Christmas time
Its, its, its, its, its, Christmas time (2x)

[Hook] (2x)

That’s right that’s right its Christmastime
Uh huh, that’s right that’s right
Gots to get down,
G-g-g-get down, I’m gone get down,
Uh huh, where’d the beat go?


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