Book Review: Blue Columbine by Jennifer Rodewald

Grace Revealed Book 1

Blue Columbine by Jennifer Rodewald
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is the first in a 3 book set I downloaded from Kindle but I am reading and reviewing them individually.
This is a classic Prodigal Son story, but with a lot more current-day drama and heartache. I appreciated the author bringing up the issue many Christians face in a university system that demands singular adherence to evolution theory as fact. The main character after his recovery and rehab for alcoholism turns his life over to God and gets a case for a young lady who can’t graduate from the university she attended with honor roll grades because she won’t cave to the administration insisting that she give up on creationism because religion can’t be taught in public schools. Check out the book for his closing argument. It was flat-out awesome.

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