Conservative wave continues

FILE PHOTO: CNN’s Chris Cuomo during a televised townhall with Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) dedicated to LGBTQ issues in Los Angeles, California, U.S. October 10, 2019. REUTERS/Mike Blake
Morning Brief: The Sixth Circuit Court has denied the federal government’s motion to transfer the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) vaccine-or-test requirement lawsuit to a different court, while also rejecting the White House’s bid to dissolve a stay on the mandate, delivering a blow to the Biden administration’s efforts to press ahead with implementation.
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WORDS OF WISDOM “Girls we love for what they are; young men for what they promise to be.”   JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE
MORNING BRIEF TOP NEWS   6th Circuit Court Rules Against Biden Administration in OSHA Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit   Read more » For the price of a cup of gas-station-coffee, treat yourself with access to honest, fact-based news reported in Truth and Tradition.

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CNN Fires Anchor Chris Cuomo Following Indefinite Suspension   Read more »  
Twitter Slaps ‘Unsafe’ Label on Abstract in American Heart Association Journal   Read more »
Consumers’ Research Warns US Governors About BlackRock’s Retirement Fund Investments in China   Read more »  
Trump Says Investors Will Invest $1 Billion in His Social Media Group   Read more »
US Backs Women’s Tennis Association in Boycotting China Over Peng Shuai   Read more »   Security Heightened at Major Store Chains After Series of ‘Flash Mob’ Robberies   Read more »
Nuclear Weapons Consultant: ‘Could Vaccine Mandates Impact National Security?’   Read more »  
POSITIVE NEWS 160-Year-Old ‘Devil’s Bridge’ Creates a Perfect Circle With Its Reflection in the Water   Read more »  
EPOCH OPINION In Honor of Peng Shuai’s Disappearance, the Persecution of Falun Gong, Uyghurs and So Many Others, Boycott the Beijing Olympics   By Roger L. Simon   US Companies Are ‘Hostages’ to China   By Emel Akan
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