Book Review: Firefly Season by Melanie Lageschulte

Melinda Foster series book 10

Firefly Season: a novel (Book 10) by Melanie Lageschulte

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Did I miss something?

Title: Firefly Season. Search text: firefly. No results. Great story, plenty going on, one wedding, on not-wedding, end of the book leaves a promise but makes me wait again??! Come on already.

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amazon says

As summer slips in over the countryside, Melinda’s focused on giving her farmhouse the facelift of a lifetime and preparing for Prosper’s first Founders Day festival. Her to-do list gets longer when Horace’s great-niece suddenly needs a wedding venue. Melinda and her friends vow to give Jen a celebration she’ll never forget … but will Jen be the only one to make a commitment?

Love may be in bloom, but things in Prosper aren’t so simple and sweet. Auggie’s grand plan to expand the co-op has many residents seeing red, and the stability of Prosper Hardware could hang in the balance. And when a beloved community member is sidelined, an unexpected visitor is determined to pick up the slack.

Through it all, Melinda has to confront her past and consider her future. Can she make the right choices to secure the life she wants? Don’t miss the final installment in this heartwarming series!

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