Book Review: A Christmas Baby to heal her heart by Sarah Miller

Amish Christmas Offerings #1

A Christmas Baby To Heal Her Heart by Sarah Miller

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Another lovely tale

The author has assembled 4 wonderful Amish Christmas tales that blessed me to see God’s grace and love poured out in these great stories. A childless couple rescues an unwanted baby, seemingly by God’s design. May God bless you this Christmas with His love and Grace.

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All Isaac and Beth Phillips want this Christmas is a baby to complete their family.
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Beth has suffered three miscarriages and is having a difficult time shaking off the sadness this Christmas. When she sees all the happy families with children it’s like a punch to the stomach. She feels that something inside her is broken and no matter how much her husband attempts to comfort her the pain doesn’t go away.

Nineteen-year-old Irene Smith fell in love with an Englischer who took advantage of her in the worst way possible. Left alone and pregnant, Irene is desperate to find a home for her baby girl.

Irene feels her baby Louisa should be raised by the Phillips but Isaac is skeptical. He’s afraid they’ll fall in love with little Louisa and then Irene or the father will return to lay claim to the child.

When Irene flees leaving her baby in the hands of her mother Beth sees the perfect opportunity to bring the child into her home just in time for the holidays. But this plan will require a scheme that may just cost Beth everything she holds dear.
Can Beth and Isaac find a happy ever after with the baby? Will someone come to yank away their joy or will Gott heal their hearts ensuring this family has the first of many happy Christmases?

Find out in Bestselling Amish Romance Author Sarah Miller’s new Amish Secret Baby Romance.


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