Book Review: The Amish Insight by Mary Lantz

The Amish Insight by Mary Lantz
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Oh what tangled webs we weave
Another novella sized Amish romance that was a lot more God focused compared to others. Young Amish people often try out the outside world before they commit to the church. Our young lady almost let the cello take her away,

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Catherine Leaver never knew how rumspringa would change her. Not until it was too late.

Catherine is enjoying her rumspringa. When she discovers she has a natural talent that Englischers love, a different Catherine emerges, one that is prideful and selfish.

Jacob and Catherine share a love of music, when he presents her with a gift, he hopes to help her, even if it means changing the direction of Catherine’s life.

Amos is an animal whisperer, and saves the life of Catherine’s calf. When electricity flows between them, he is smitten, but Catherine’s attentions are elsewhere, and soon Amos, makes a new decision.

When Catherine learns of Amos romantic intentions she is left seething, and wreaks havoc to those in her path.

Amos, Jacob, Catherine and her friend Suzanne must come to grips with the fallout of her actions. Is innocence lost forever? Can friendships be repaired?  Is it too late for true love to bloom?

If you enjoy sweet, clean and inspirational Amish Romance stories, you will love Mary Lantz Books.

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