Book Review: Amish Mayhem by Samantha Price

Amish Bonnet Sisters 12

Amish Mayhem by Samantha Price

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Kindle Unlimited
Oh what tangled webs

I like where the series is going. I most like the fact that Wilma had to own up to her subterfuge. I don’t lie that Levi probably had a heart attack because of the lies that were told and not confessed. Looking forward to more as the series continues.

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What happens when one of the Amish bonnet sisters does some snooping and stumbles upon something shocking?
Has Wilma misled everyone, including her new husband?
With the future of the apple orchard hanging in the balance, will Florence be ruthless and seize the opportunity to own it?

Amish Mayhem is a sweet and wholesome romance that is sure to keep you entertained.

If you haven’t begun the series yet, Book #1 Amish Mercy, is the best place to start.

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