Book Review: Replacement Wife by Brenda Maxfield

Greta’s Story Book 1

Amish Days: Replacement Wife: Hollybrook Amish Romance by Brenda Maxfield

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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And then what happened?
This novella-sized serialization of a story is okay but I find myself turning pages faster to see what is next. I think I am getting addicted to this style. Good story.

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Isaac Wagner gapes at his dying wife. Is she serious? Is she really trying to force him to make such a promise? How can she possibly expect him to marry Greta Glick after she dies? How can anyone replace Betty as his wife? How can anyone replace her as the mother to their son? Isaac can’t even begin to think such thoughts. All he wants is for his wife to live.

But Isaac’s prayers aren’t answered. Betty dies with Isaac and their baby son by her side.

After the burial, Greta Glick assures Isaac that she will not hold him to the promise, even though she already loves his son. She suspects she might love Isaac, too, but she shoves her feelings aside.

Later, when the local healer’s granddaughter begins to show interest in Isaac, Greta regrets how hastily she brushed the promise aside. Was she wrong to dismiss Betty’s dying wish so quickly?

And now, Isaac is threatening to leave the state, and it appears that both Isaac and his baby son will be lost to her forever…

Replacement Wife is a sweet, clean, inspirational Amish Romance—part of the much-loved Hollybrook Amish Romance series. Replacement Wife is a touching Christian story of loss, grief, and true love. Enjoy this tender romance today! Grab your copy now!

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