Book Review: Incursion at Elea Station by Jamie McFarlane

Privateer Tales Volume 17

Incursion at Elea Station by Jamie McFarlane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Kindle Unlimited

Aliens Abound

What I like about the author is that he really develops his aliens. How about sentients the size and shape of big rats? Or mechanized spider people that destroyed their own world and now are out to destroy others, or add spider constructs to their bodies and make them soldiers for their army. Good story, good series.

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An alien invasion. A home world destroyed. Can an embattled captain survive a daring fight to save the remnant of his colony?

Privateer Liam Hoffen can’t wait to reunite with his family. But after he emerges from a 20-year stasis, he’s shocked to discover a hostile enemy has razed his home and exiled his people. With his foes dependent on a gas-mining platform to keep their ships fueled, Liam’s last-ditch hope is to cut off the vicious aliens with the help of a brother he never knew he had…

Armed only with ancient combat-damaged clunkers, he and his stubborn sibling must lead a dangerous assault on the enemy’s critical resources. Grossly outnumbered and far from reinforcements, Liam fears he’ll have to put everything on the line to defend the people he loves from annihilation.

Can Liam stop the powerful adversary from killing his family and taking over the system?

Incursion at Elea Station is the 17th standalone book in the epic Privateer Tales space opera saga. If you like intergalactic crusades, spirited sibling rivalry, and underdog heroes, then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s riveting sci-fi adventure.

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