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  Visit our website       Shedding Light on the Dark Things   From the beginning of creation, God has put a difference between light and darkness. He is the Great Emancipator, but also the Great Separator. God is not willing to let anyone perish, but scripture bears out that God does not force His will on anyone. There is a perfect will of God for His creation, whether mankind wants to embrace it or not. It is God’s will for light to overcome darkness, and righteousness to overcome wickedness.   God has been known to use circumstances to bring out the best and the worst in His creation. And nobody does it like Him. We have been warned of pestilence, earthquakes, wars, and other things that will come upon the earth. The true child of God realizes that this earth is not their home. While we cannot help being affected by what is going on in the earth, the Church must be in tune with what God is saying. We can only do this by connecting with His Spirit through prayer. Only then, can His light shine into the dark recesses of our hearts and minds, letting us know, like a spiritual compass, where we are at in our relationship with God.   While we seek the will of God during times of trouble, we see that the trials themselves are shedding light on things that could not be revealed without the shaking brought about by a crisis. Has our relationship with others been more important than our relationship with God? What is hidden in our hearts that we cannot see?   The Word of God says, “For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad” (Mark 4:22). Jesus was admonishing that no one lights a candle to hide it, but puts it out in the open where it can be seen. It is the will of God to reveal Himself through times of darkness. He is the true light. It is said that, “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly” (Proverbs 20:27).   We must be willing to be transparent with God, and walk in the Spirit, allowing Him, not only to light our path, but to be our Counselor. King Solomon said that He dwelt in the thick darkness (see I Kings 8:12). It is in the dark times that the light can truly shine in the darkness, but only if we seek Him, allowing Him to reveal to us the hidden things that we cannot comprehend without them being exposed by the true light of the world. It has always been the will of God to separate light from darkness.   When Jesus was taken by the chief priests and elders to be crucified, He told them “this is your hour, and the power of darkness.” However, the darkness did not prevail because there was a resurrection day. We have that same resurrection power. It is up to us to pray so that He can make us of part of that city set on a hill.   Beth Marie Evans Apostolic Author Associate Minister International Christian Fellowship Brookfield, Illinois           LIGHT   We live in such a dark world, yet we are filled with the light of Jesus Christ. We must learn to let that light shine bright in every place we go. Matthew 5:14 and 16 says, “Ye are the light of the world…Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”    Please pray:   we will not fear the darkness of this worldwe will learn to be a light no matter where we arethat those who want to leave the darkness will be drawn to God’s light in us  You will be ready to be a light to those who are seeking.   Tiffini Countaway Conference Services Manager MyHopeRadio Web Produce United Pentecostal Church International         The World Network of Prayer Presents 24/7 WATCH: A Year-Round Initiative for 24/7 Prayer   As of January 1, 2022, WNOP launched an annual 24/7 prayer and fasting chain worldwide in coordination with our existing “Year of Prayer.” Each week WNOP is posting a prayer focus as daily prayer for the entire week. Also weekly, a video is posted on the WNOP Facebook Page of a prayer leader and/or minister leading in periodic prayer. We encourage your participation by joining in prayer.   Will you commit and join with others throughout the world in united prayer and fasting? Sign up by committing in your heart unto God that you will consistently set aside a day each week to do some prayer and fasting. WNOP also has partnered with those in local churches who are already a part of a current 24-hour prayer chain. All of these hours of consecration are culminating to help provide a complete mass prayer covering over the entire Church body and to help bring greater success in all that we do in Christ! Together, let’s “watch and pray” and behold great and mighty things in the kingdom of God! Let’s prevail over the enemy with victory and declare, “Not on My Watch!”   Flo Shaw WNOP Director     MAY 24/7 WATCH (WEEK 2) City: Business & Economy   Following is the “24/7 Watch” daily prayer focus for this week. Join us in consistent prayer & fasting.       Download           World Needs:   Pray for the recovery of all who were injured in the Hotel Saratoga’s blast in Cuba as the death toll has risen to 30 people.Pray for the Lord to bring an end to the search in Alabama for a corrections officer and an escaped inmate.Continue to pray for God to bring support to Ukraine, all Missionaries/Apostolic friends, believers, children, and civilians by bringing an end to the Ukraine/Russia war. Pray also that support is provided for people who are running out of water, food, and medicine. Pray for the recovery of all who were injured in the school airstrike where approximately 62 people are presumed dead.Continue to pray for the Lord to eradicate Covid-19 from our world as China is battling its largest Covid-19 wave amid widespread lockdowns and increased restrictions across eight districts in Beijing, of which residents are banned from leaving their homes or community grounds.         HOPE Prayer   POA 90 Day Prayer For Prodigals and Those Who Love Them    NEVER has there been a greater time in prophecy as now for seeing our prayers answered. DON’T give up or be weary in well doing. WE WILL REAP IF WE FAINT NOT!   “And the Gentiles that are left round about you shall know that I the Lord built the ruined places and planted that which was desolate; I the Lord have spoken it, and I will do it” (Ezekiel 36:36, JUB)   Ezekiel 37:12 speaks of them coming out of their cold and dead situations and bringing them back home.   “Therefore prophesy and say unto them, Thus hath the Lord GOD said: Behold, O my people, I open your graves and will cause you to come up out of your graves and bring you into the land of Israel” (Ezekiel 37:12, JUB).   We are speaking and calling, “COME TO LIFE,” dry bones. Come back to where you first met Jesus! Come home to the kingdom where you belong. You were never meant for Satan’s kingdom. There is only one kingdom for you. Come home! Come home! We will welcome you with the love of Jesus!   HOPE Prayer will begin again on April 1 to pray the book, Prayers For Prodigals…90 Days of Prayers For Your Prodigals by Dr. James Banks. This book is filled with scriptures from the Word of God. We will conclude on June 29.   We’re very excited and in great anticipation. Our beloved prodigals know the signs! They know the scriptures. We can be sure they are watching everything. God has spoken that His Spirit will draw them as we unite in love and prayer. The love and Spirit of God are promised and exampled through the Holy Scriptures. We know them to be faithful and true.   WE ARE ONE. Let us unite to pray, believe, and celebrate together as God answers our prayers!   As in the past, we will post daily posts on Face Book and Instagram @ HOPE2HOPE15 and Don Long and Donald Long. Contact number: 318 442 5541. Please leave a message.   We are available to speak or help launch a Hope Prayer Ministry.   Thank you!   Believing for the harvest!       Register Now     Reserve Hotel Room   ROOM BLOCK EXTENDED: HURRY! Reserve your room now before special rate ($98/night) ends!     Small Group Video Series: Rev. John Hanson, Bishop of Acts II Ministries, has produced some in-house video series for prayer groups and made these available online as free resources for churches with limited budgets. Please visit to access these remarkable resources, as applicable.           Dr. David K. Bernard UPCI General Superintendent               Access Challenged Nations   Join the World Network of Prayer and Global Missions in praying for the nations that currently do not have an apostolic work. We will focus on one nation each week.                   Occupational Chaplains       2022 WNOP Events   24/7 WATCH: WNOP Facebook Worldwide Prayer Initiative (January 1 – December 31)WNOP International Summons (June 2-4). New Life St. Louis, Bridgeton, MOWorld Day of Prayer/Pentecost Sunday (June 5).New England Territory Summons (NETS) – Regional (August 18-20). Christ Temple, Tiverton, RIUPCI Day of Prayer (September 28)International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (November 6)*Arkansas District Summons (Dates TBD). First Pentecostals of Benton, Benton, AR*Washington District Summons (Dates TBD). Location: TBA*South Texas District Summons (Dates TBD). Houston, Texas*Ontario District Blitz (November 1-6). Location: Various Sections in Ontario, Canada.National Apostolic Day of Prayer (Date TBA). Apostolic Fellowship Summit YM + WNOP Summons (Rescheduled Dates TBD). Location: TBAWNOP “Operation Prayer Evangelism: “Switzerland” (Rescheduled Dates TBD)WNOP “Operation Prayer Evangelism: “Operation Turkey” (Rescheduled Dates TBD)WNOP “Operation Prayer Evangelism: “Operation Jamaica” (Rescheduled Dates TBD)   *Pending Board approval. Note: Events and schedule subject to the restrictions and impact of the ongoing pandemic. Also, more 2022 event dates to be added to the WNOP Calendar later as approved by the Board throughout the year.   (For more info on these specific listings, please contact WNOP at 636-229-7986)       Consider supporting WNOP with a tax-deductible donation. Give the gift that keeps on giving:   PRAYER!    Give Now!       WNOP Personal Prayer List   To join WNOP in praying for the personal needs submitted by email, phone and website, please click the button below.   You may submit requests by email at   “If you received an answer to prayer or have a victory report, post it on WNOP’s Facebook page. We would like to hear from you.”    WNOP Prayer List     World Network of Prayer | United Pentecostal Church International 36 Research Park Court, Weldon Spring, Missouri 63304 636-229-7986 | |   FacebookInstagram   
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