Book Review: Black Cutlass by Jamie McFarlane

Privateer Tales Volume 19

Black Cutlass by Jamie McFarlane
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Adventure and treachery abound. Silicate robot warriors and suicidal spider people are just a few of the highlights. Here’s a quote from the last part of the book: “”Conflict is built in with people. It’s basic to our nature. Survival wouldn’t be possible without it. We start by competing with animals for food. We compete with others for natural resources. Eventually, sane people realize that conflict requires peacemakers.””

— Black Cutlass (Privateer Tales Book 19) by Jamie McFarlane

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He thought the bloodshed was over. The true terror is just beginning…

Captain Liam Hoffen has no time to relax after defeating the Mendari. Hastily organizing an expedition to their homeworld, he brings his beleaguered crew across the stars to install the new leadership. But as soon as he arrives, a massive prototype warship slices into their path and threatens the entire mission.

After a daring confrontation, Hoffen pushes through to the planet. But once there, he discovers a terrifying weapon of mass destruction was launched at the end of the war. And the Mendari people are mind-controlled from revealing any secrets… including its deadly course.

Can Hoffen break through the horrific mental manipulation and stop an apocalyptic attack?

Black Cutlass is the nineteenth standalone novel in the galaxy-spanning Privateer Tales military science fiction series. If you like desperate heroes, fast-paced action, and explosive battles, then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s thrilling space opera.

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