Book Review: Talks to Farmers, Gleaning among the sheaves, the Art of Illustration by C.H. Spurgeon

A Classic Christian Collection by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
As previously indicated, most of C H Spurgeon’s library is in the public domain. I previously downloaded a PDF file from a website, but I got the Kindle Edition to see what it looked like. I then downloaded this second one because it expanded on the first by adding selected sermons from Gleaning among the Sheaves, and the Art of Illustration. I appreciate the topical study that he did to reach out to farmers. It reminds me of Paul (I am all things to all men that I might win some to Christ). Also, whoever put together this Kindle edition also added links to other documents found in the references.

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Amazon says:

Talks to Farmers, Gleanings Among the Sheaves,The Art of Illustration represent the best from the heart of Charles Spurgeon. Over one hundred short devotional messages reveal Spurgeon’s eloquence combined with his warm and colorful personal style. Typically, these selections touch the center of a Christian’s faith, emotions, and hope.

Mr. Spurgeon has said of his lectures to his students: “I am as much at home with my young brethren as in the bosom of my family, and therefore speak without restraint. I do not offer that which has cost me nothing, for I have done my best, and taken abundant pains. Therefore, with clear conscience, I place my work at the service of my brethren, especially hoping to have a careful reading from young preachers, whose profiting has been my principal aim.”

Spurgeon was acclaimed by his contemporaries to be “the most impressive and permanently successful evangelistic preacher of his age. The strong and growing popular demand for his writings in this day and age is evidence of the truth and timelessness of Spurgeon’s teachings.



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