Book Review: Privateer’s Supremacy by Jamie McFarlane

Privateer Tales Volume 20

Privateer’s Supremacy by Jamie McFarlane
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Now they retire to a moon lodge with twins
If that was a lot to unpack read the whole book to get all the space battles and knarly negotiations. Again, the author is really good at creating races and writing space combat, so I’m down with that.

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Invasion is imminent, and the time for diplomacy is over. Will bold actions lead to ruin?

Liam Hoffen wants nothing more than for the people who call the Mhina system home to be left alone and allowed to forge their own destinies. With over a year having passed since House of the Bold’s stunning defeat of the Mendari army, Elea Station has become home to the refugees from the Mendari War and has opened its doors to any who want to live freely.

The only problem is that Kifeda House and the Strix are plotting to overthrow this thriving and fast-growing trading hub. The action really gets rolling when hundreds of proximity sensors are suddenly blacked out and communication is lost with the remote colony of Faraji. With the lack of information, Liam and the crew hastily assemble a quick-reaction force and set off into the deep dark to confront whatever enemy awaits.

In Privateer’s Supremacy, if Liam’s to be successful in confronting the invasion that awaits, he’ll be forced to reconcile with his estranged brother and make deals with pirates who will want more than anyone wants to give.

Privateer’s Supremacy is the twentieth standalone novel in the galaxy-spanning Privateer Tales military science fiction series. If you like desperate heroes, fast-paced action, and explosive battles, then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s thrilling space opera.

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